Found your next birthday cake! I'm so doing this! M &M's of course the inside of cake has to be chocolate

26 Nerdy Wedding Cakes to Geek Out Over

dont like the top so much but I like the idea of MMs spilling out and down the side-----agree! My uncle love mms so maybe when he's here next I'll make him it!

Dat is leuk om met Tim te maken! Maak een super snelle auto van Lego. Blaas de ballon op en racen maar! (

Check out this balloon powered lego car! Looks like a fun project that could become a contest between kids to see who's balloon car will go the farthest.

gezond en lekker voor in de klas met verjaardag

16 Sweet Ways to Celebrate With Sprinkles!

Bday Little Girl Tea Party - Party Strawberries dipped in white chocolate then sprinkles. (But with pink sprinkles)

Kinder Bueno Mousse (via )

Kinder Bueno Mousse (Brenda Kookt!)

Dit toetje is the bomb! repen Kinder Bueno (dus 4 pakjes met daarin 2 repen) 100 gram pure chocolade (minimaal 50 gram boter 250 ml koude slagroom 25 gram suiker 2 gelatineblaadjesder Bueno mousse!