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there are many pictures on the wall next to the stair railings and plant in the corner
Wall of stories - Modulari
a potted plant sitting on top of a wooden step next to a banister
Zelf lamp maken van boomstam - 8 inspirerende ideeën
the stairs are made of wood and have white painted steps with light shining on them
Treppenhaus makeover- Sanierung im 60 Jahre Flur. - Fräulein Emmama
the stairs are made out of wood and black iron railings in this modern home
Oud eiken traprenovatie - Hout van Toen
an empty hallway with stairs and potted plants
Trap verven: tips, inspiratie en voorbeelden
there are many pictures hanging on the wall next to each other and one has a wooden handrail
Een gallery wall in het trapgat; zo doe je dat - Styled by Sabine
there is a wall with some hats on it and a potted plant in the corner
Hal - Binnenkijken bij bijkimenmilainhuis