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Love the lights inside the plants/trees! This would look so cool in the backyard behind the seating surrounding the firepit!
Cracked log lamp: 27 DIY Reclaimed Wood Projects for your Homes Outdoor
Black fence to set off greenery.
(erwin stam. stadstuin)... Great for a terrace house
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During the summer, algae growth can be a huge problem in garden ponds. The great news is that there is an easy way to keep pond water clear without using expensive chemicals. Here's how. | GetBusyGardening.com
Günther de Rooy Hoveniers
Outdoor lamp (Steigerhout met kippengaas)
Prachtige strak moderne schutting. Wat anders dan die saaie houten stukken hout die je overal ziet!
Country Woman At Heart- - The hens are allowed to roam free.