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imitatie lichtstraat met daglichtlampen en matglas?

LOVE the copper fittings and black wall finish. "SatinCrete cement-based wall finish combined with copper bathroom fitting for Belmond Eagle Island Lodge" Botswana.

Abandoned castle in Belgium - Chateau Rouge

Abandoned castle in Belgium - Chateau Rouge.I would love to wander the halls! In the daytime I might add!

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Modern castle that was once used as a wine tasting venue. When the company, owning the castle, went bankrupt, the chateau was left abandoned.

Chateau Hogemeyer,verlaten kasteel,urbex,belgë,urbexlocaties

Chateau Hogemeyer,verlaten kasteel,urbex,belgë,urbexlocaties

Blue Pool, Krabi, Thailand.

Emerald pool, krabi, Thailand -underground thermal stream in Klong Thom district -temperature of the pool is consistently degrees Celsius drive from Krabi