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Pigtail wig tutorial without cutting anything

This tutorial will outline the way we do criss-cross backs on our pigtail wigs. The wigs look more complicated than they are! More so than any sort of special skill, criss crossing your wig just …

Cosplay tutorial: Circular skirt vs. gathered skirt

This is a link to a FABULOUS range of skirts & patterns that create different shaped skirts - from modern to classic. Pin it, pattern makers! This is like every skirt ever. And then some more skirts. All the skirts i tell you!

Body paint tutorial. (This is more like a poor man's body paint to me. Just from prior make up experience, since this is NOT a body paint, but fabric paint I would HIGHLY recommend putting a test spot on your body for however long you intend to wear your paint prior to doing full costume to ensure no reactions occur!)

bandits-at-sea: “ Today’s tutorial is on waterproof paint, or paint that will stay for an extended period of time. I wouldn’t advise using this on your face, either. Full-sized image here:.

Tutorial: How to tie a obi by on @deviantART

I've always found it difficult to make a obi bow, so since I finally understood the way of doing it.I decided to make a tutorial so that everyone can . Tutorial: How to tie a obi

Cosplay Tutorial- Pigtails on a Non-Parted Wig

Wig tutorial for putting pigtails in a non-parted wig. May want to check out a wig layering tutorial as well. Very informative Harley Quinn