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a white t - shirt with music connects people on it
Ik luister HEEL VEEL muziek. Top5: - That man _ Caro Emerald - Vogelvrij _ Marco Borsato - Paint it black _ Rolling Stones - Get up _ James Brown - Relax, take it easy _ Mika 6. Ik luister niet zoveel naar de moderne HipHop 7. Ik vind Heel veel artiesten goed, maar niet alle muziek is leuk. zie Antwoord 6
the words music says things that words simply can't be written in black ink
Silhouette Design Store:
Silhouette Design Store - View Design #176260: music says things words can't phrase
this is my story, this is my song with musical note and treble on white background
My Original Songs :P
#wattpad #poetry songs i've written. Some are really upsetting and depressing if you dont like that skip them.
the words it's a beautiful day are drawn in black and white
a black and white quote with hearts on it
Zomaarkaart- Omdat ik zelf niet door de | Kaartje2go
a black and white drawing with the words difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations
a piece of paper with some type of lettering on it that says, if you dream big enough anything can come true
someone is writing on paper that says create adventures for yourself with trees and mountains in the background
25 Bullet Journal Quote Page Ideas
the upper and lower case of an english alphabet, with cursive writing on it
✏️ 20 Cool Lettering Ideas & Incredible Resources
an open notebook with some type of writing on it and a pen next to it