Valentijnsdag en carnaval

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an open book with paper hearts and a poem written on the page next to it
Kaart voor oma en opa met bijpassend versje!!!!
a paper plate with a bee on it and the words bee mine, valentine written in pink
Paper Heart Raccoon Craft For Kids
Valentijnsdag - peuters/kleuters
many jars with hearts are sitting on a table
Leuke Moederdag waxinehouders!! ( maar dan met een "waxine"lichtje met batterij....;)
there are many small pots with grass growing out of the top, and one has a child's face on it Elke dag een ontdekking
Une photo sur un verre et chacun fait pousser l'herbe sur sa tête: activité jardinage pour les enfants
a pink stuffed animal with a bow and arrow on it's chest is shown
Valentine's Day Countdown Calendar!
Make your own Valentine for your children to give to a loved one ~ their footprint made into a cute little character ~ so adorable! Why didn't I think of that?