Grow strawberries from strawberries

Collecting Strawberry Seeds <- too bad those aren't seeds, they're the plants ovaries. So you're collecting strawberry ovaries, sicko

Free standing vertical PALLET Herb Garden, by DIY Showoff, featured on I Love That Junk

Such a cool idea.Free Standing Vertical Pallet Herb Garden - Just love the design of this DIY pallet herb garden!


DIY Painted wooden crates and fruit boxes. Cageots (in French). Cajas de madera (in Spanish): www.

Make sure it is placed in the sun, so you can get some rest and a tan when taking a break.

Kleine stadstuin in Amsterdam, ontworpen door, nu te zien in dit artikel:

The pergola works hard, and its multiple uses exemplify Boekel’s design mantra for the garden. It shelters the outdoor sofa, supports the climbing star jasmine (Trachelospermum jasminoides) and holds the outdoor lighting.

Knusse kleine tuin

A cozy, small garden. In the Netherlands, there are loads of gardens designed like this.