So pretty

little pink house, white picket fence and a rose arbor! So sweet and cute! Viola's doing a lot of wishes and daydreaming with me of our future home and she says it's pink.

In front of the porch, serene sitting space, gorgeous tree, hens and rooster. The picture in my mind! A simple life. Habacuc 2.2.

In front of the porch, serene sitting space, gorgeous tree, hens and rooster. A simple life. Habacuc - My Garden Muse

Natural swimming pond - private garden, Gloucestershire

Cotswold Estates and Gardens Ltd: Private garden, Andoversford, Gloucestershire 1 of 12

Jam jar chandliers

Candle Chandeliers

of 60 > Candle Chandeliers Quilted jam jars holding votive candles hang from a grape-covered arbor. As night falls, crystals wired to the bottoms of the jars will cast refracted candlelight onto the stucco walls. Make a Candle Chandelier

How much would I love this in summer? But this goes well & truly in the 'dream on' category....

12 piscines de rêve pour se rafraîchir !

:: Havens South Designs :: lovely rock bottom pool, but how hard would this be to bottom brush and vacuum? 19 Swimming Pool Ideas For A Small Backyard

If we could make our pond like this, I would have died and gone to heaven

for the farm! natural swimming pool, the planted portion or regeneration zone is seperated from swimming area, the water circulates and aquatic plants filter out contaminates and prevent algae.

Light wind in large pot or wicker basket!

hurricane lamps in the potted plants, white paper lanterns. Pretty for an outdoor reception, party or dinner.

Growing grapes!  (My grapes died, so I'm not very optimistic.  This is beautiful, though.)

Neat-O! Grape vines trained as an umbrella! Love this idea! Keep those vines up off the ground and make some shade! There are so many vines this could be done with.