Boekenwurmen opgelet! 10 super originele ideetjes om jouw boeken in op te bergen!

ツ by iSantano - Boekenwurmen opgelet! 10 super originele ideetjes om jouw boeken in op te bergen!

painted floors

Oriental Colorful Furniture Collection Ibiza by Kare

I like the idea of having a colorful dinner table? paint a door and lay plexiglass over the top. Then collect different random chairs to go with the table. Eveyone picks their own?my wheels are turning!

Tell your story for new members. Hang on chicken wire. Roll it up and collect the boards after the service.

brotherstories: Brainstorm session with the talented... (Modern Hepburn)

Use removable Velcro strips to hang clip boards on the wall and display art from clipboards.

Great shelf for coffee mugs above a coffee bar

Colorful kitchenware on open shelving. And electric kettle, the one glorious thing that American kitchens lack!

Secret passage through the top of the library? Oh yes please!

So lovely.hidden-bookcase-door-secret-passage-in-library. Why is there a tv in their library.

Painted Boho Inspiration. Love it, and do you see the mushrooms?

The mural artist has a couple of choices about how to give extra protection to the finished mural. Select a picture you wish to become a mural. Sometimes you wish to enhance your mural after it has been protected by means of a layer of varnish.

Mooie robuuste kast

27 Extremely Useful and Creative DIY Furniture Projects That Will Discreetly Transform Your Decor Frugal Ideas, simple living

Laat je laarzen drogen zonder rommel

RIVER ROCK BOOT TRAYS – very stylish way to solve the wet boot problem! All you'll need are boot trays and river rocks courtesy of your local dollar store! This'll chic up your "mud room" instantly!


DIY DRESSER TO BENCH by Alice Woods-smith