Elias Getachew

Elias Getachew

Elias Getachew
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ethiopian art | Beauty. Oil on Canvas. 18 x 24. $925.

"Beauty" by Eskinder Seyoum



Untitled by Samuel Hailu ©— #Ethiopianart at www.thenextcanvas.com

Untitled by Samuel Hailu

YAREDAWI ZEMA BY BIRTUKAN DEJENE  Oil on canvas  W 76cm/30in by H 110cm/43in   www.thenextcanvas.com Ethiopian Art at its finest.....

Yaredawi Zema by Birtukan Dejene; Oil on canvas: 735 USD

Untitled by Samuel Hailu — THE NEXT CANVAS

Look though our online art gallery and shop of modern paintings by Ethiopian contemporary artists.

Paintings that speak for themselves

Paintings that speak for themselves

Painting by Martha Mengistu

Painting by Martha Mangestu

Begena: A ten-stringed instrument played by men and women in homes and religious ceremonies.

The begena (or "bèguèna", French) is an Eritrean & Ethiopian string instrument with ten strings belonging to the lyre family.


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Hanatzeb Gallery: Fine Ethiopian Art

"Discover Me" by Teklemariam Zewde