Tp roll and box castle project to paint

would make a great cupcake stand for a princess party, or would be a good kid activity- to make cardboard castle using discarded boxes and toilet paper rolls

matjes vlechten met de kids

Weaving placemats or coasters with cardboard and yarn or embroidery floss. Great idea for small dollhouse rugs!

Build your own wonder wall to answer questions...

Encourage learning with a Wonder Wall

Build your own wonder wall to answer questions.

Here's a construction challenge for you - make a catapult and launch a marshmallow!

Kids would love this craft for popsicle sunday! DIY spoon and popsicle stick catapult.

Saricole: marzo 2012

Saricole: marzo 2012

Leuke schrijfles binnen thema 'Kloosters'  Maak je eigen letter!  Hierbij heb ik ook een prezi presentatie gemaakt als instructie aan de kinderen.

Theme: Knights and damsels.