how to hang artwork over a sofa. Too often pictures are hung way too high. Pictures should be centered and hung at eye level. It's undesirable to hang just one small picture. Instead group it with several others or leave it out entirely. This goes for the entire house!

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10 Tips for Creating a Collected Gallery Wall

Statement Wall Art that's both personal and a talking piece! Such a fun idea! DIY Travel Wall Art -My Life Well Loved

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DIY Travel Wall Art Idea -My Life Well Loved Makes for a great home decor talking piece. Simply use world map, sayings, pictures and make your gallery wall art come to life!

houten letters - lichte kleuren gecombineerd met hout

houten letters - lichte kleuren gecombineerd met hout

Dit is hét ultieme prikbord voor de wereldreiziger! Bevestig de Luckies Wereldkaart Kurk aan de muur en markeer met de meegeleverde “map pins” alle plekken waar je bent geweest. Prik jouw foto’s, tickets en andere herinneringen op de juiste plaats!

Luckies Kurken Wereldkaart

Large, self-adhesive corkboard map lets you lay out the continents and then pin your memoirs to it. Photographs, notes - display your travel memories!