Het lichaam

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an exercise chart with the words and pictures for each letter, including exercises to help children learn
Buchstaben-Workout für Zuhause (Homeschooling) - vlamingo
an illustrated poster with people doing different yoga poses and words that read let's make an alphabet
Alfabet opdrachten voor het boek van Charlotte Dematons, een feestje!
the alphabet is shown in black and white, with pictures of people doing different things
a game with people doing yoga poses in front of the words,'cool en beweg '
Thuis doen tijdens de Coronacrisis met je kleuter
the human skeleton is shown with numbers and dots to draw on it's side
Skeleton - Connect the Dots, count by 2's (Halloween)
an english language worksheet with the words in different languages, including letters and numbers
Lichaam - wat zit waar
Pre School, Snoopy, Art, Kunst, Preschool
Werkbladen lichaam - Kleutergroep