Pour carnaval : masque avec assiette en carton

Make our own Mardi Gras masks next year, Luke has a whole year to get ready to be crafty!

Penguins - Plastic water bottles filled with cotton balls and decorated to look like penguins. Cute!!!

Your students will think that these penguin projects are "COOL!" Use water bottles, cotton balls, wiggly eyes, and construction paper to create these cute winter penguins. Using a strong glue, you c (Water Bottle Projects)


Making a nice rain drop mobile is good and you will love the outcome. You may need about 20 minutes to make the rain and the cloud, but in the end it will look

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor heksje lilly spelletjes

Origami: Fortune Teller Or Cootie Catcher Origami Craft Kraftykid Origami Fortune Teller Ideas Origami Fortune Teller Steps, Entrancing Origami Fortune Teller Origami Fortune Teller Steps. Origami Fortune Teller Name.