Gezonde feest tips | Traktaties

NATIONAL PANCAKE DAY These are perfect for sharing. :) Mini Pancakes and Strawberries. I'm obsessed, I like the Gluten Free pancake mixes and would love it even more if I could do it bite sized! Also would be amazing for a great brunch!

mango-zalm salade

Rocket salad with mango, avocado, goats cheese & grilled salmon

Stamppot met prei-roomkaas en kip. - 3 el olijfolie - 2 uien, in halve ringen - 2 preien, gewassen en in ringen - 1.2 kg iets kruimige aardappelen - 2 tenen knoflook, in dunne plakjes - 1 bakje bieslook (25 g), in stukjes - 1 duopak gerookte kipreepjes (200 g) - 1 bakje verse roomkaas met kruiden (125 g)

Stamp­pot met prei-room­kaas en kip

5 or less: Stamppotje van zoete aardappel en spinazie

Stamppot zoete aardappel/ mashed sweet potatoes with spinach, sundried tomatoes and goat cheese (recipe is in Dutch)


Zucchini Cheese Burger/ Courgette Kaas Burger (recipe is in Dutch)


Chocolade-quinoa met hazelnootmelk en kokos en banaan, best indulgence breakfast ever!

5 or less: Spaghetti met knapperige chorizo

5 or less: Spaghetti met knapperige chorizo - Chickslovefood

5 or less: Boerenomelet

Boerenomelet skinny vegetable omlet (Discover this girls, all kinds of recipes!