Letterpress Business Card for Hair Stylist Mantas Paražinskas, designed and printed by Elegante Press, Lithuania.

Great way to stand out from the rest of business cards. Unique design and I can trust this stylist based on the design. The lines(hair) are even lol. Letterpress Business Card for Hair Stylist Mantas Paražinskas.

business card

Great idea for my card if it were to be one sided letterpress. I would use a pattern from one of my rug designs for the blind impression background .

MORDANGO - stamped business cards

Stamp Business Card Love the idea of stamping the logo onto the black side of the business card. This is great for the fact every card is unique, and gives it a handmade feel. However, means extra time sitting there stamping away.

This card by "Another Bloomin' Designer" Jamie Wieck sprouts a mini plant after four days of soaking | #Business #Card #letterpress #creative #paper #businesscard #corporate #design #visitenkarte #corporatedesign < repinned by www.BlickeDeeler.de

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Verena Michelitsch Business Card

Verena Michelitsch Business cards Designed by; Verena Michelitsch Gorgeous letterpress business cards with gold edging by Austria-based designer Verena Michelitsch. Verena has recently spent time in.