De vloer boenen net als Pippi!

DIY Microfiber Cleaning Slippers

DIY Microfiber Cleaning Slippers - "To make your own set of cleaning slippers your will need: 2 Microfiber Sponges (you can find them at the dollar store), 1 Terry Cloth Hand Towel, Glue Gun." Wouldn't the kids love to help clean the floors!

voor mijn creatieve schoonzus little polka dot house

Silk and Spice: Personal Style: {Polka Dots and Pastels} This house makes me so happy. How happy would I be if I lived in this house?

Spijkerpoepen is een hilarisch spelletje voor een kinderfeestje. Ontdek hier de spelbeschrijving en spelregels.

This game is called 'spijkerpoepen' and is played on Dutch children's parties.


Craft, Interrupted: Monkey Party Games - Feed the Monkey! Or beanbag toss with cornhole game

thema hygiene

thema hygiene