I know... ♡

I know... ♡

Oma 26-06-1921 14-01-2014

You realize how much you truly miss someone when something...

so true, I miss my Mom & Dad so much. I often want to tell them something and feel my heart breaking all over again when I realize I can't just call them or go see them to share the news.

its crazy how much you can summarise who you are based on this stuff!

Im not a virgo but this is so true! If it is a situation that I can't say what I really think, then I will say nothing. I don't change my opinion to fit who I am around.

Hahahahha i really dont give a fu*k !

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Some days I just sit and remember. Sometimes I sit and remember all the good times we had, all the laughs we shared, all the times you made me happy when i was sad. I Love you and i will never forget you.

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