Dieren street art 26

Huge animals anatomy, these are the favorite subjects of the talented street artist ROA, from Ghent Belgium.


Though this isn't technically street art, most Banksy work is. I love this Ballerina by Banksy


Drawing-nail t's actually a ball point pen drawing by Portuguese artist Samuel Silva, based on Kristina Taraina's photograph "Redhead Girl." Silva used seven different colored pens and spent nearly 30 hours to recreate the photo.


Sagaki Keita : "Mona Lisa", Microcosmic Art composed from Tiny Drawings. This one is based on famous painting by Leonardo Da Vinci.

Ho-Ryon Lee 6

wordsnquotes: “ culturenlifestyle: Stunning Overlapping Double Exposure Oil Paintings Korean artist Ho Ryon Lee features a contemporary oil painting series titled ‘Overlapping Images’ that creates a.


“The Big Bang,” Anna Garforth Moss has always been one of my favorite plants. Singly it’s a small, unassuming thing. En masse it’s a rich carpet of green, plush under the toes and vibrant to the eyes.

Dieren street art 32

Read about original street artist ROA with a collection of his urban art. See more from various graffiti artists & urban artists on Mr Pilgrim online.

Deze portretten zijn gemaakt van vuilnis

vik muniz waste land: What a Dump! In each of these projects, Muniz creates images using… you guessed it: junk and garbage.