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30 extremely rare white animals

Northern Lights, Alaska

sign post for the garden. create one pointing to our favorite places on earth. #contest

Circus themed wedding signs

nothing like a simple, traditional clown face.... they say so much without really saying much... ponder

Zeeland | Zonsondergang | Sunset | Beach | Ruiterplaat Vakanties |

"0 teu corpo sem roupa e o meu corpo desalmado mesmo que com toda a alma,à procura de evitarmos a dissolução do que para sempre nos vai unir. Todos os beijos se ergueram e todas as mãos se encontraram. Porque tem de acabar o que é eterno assim?" Prometo falhar

I like the way this home office is organized and decorated: clipboards on the wall are functional and convenient for the most important projects to stay always before the eyes.

Eat diamonds for breakfast and shine all day long♡ pinterest @pincessmakayla ♡

This beautiful eye look with a dark red lip is the perfect style for the autumn! ❤ Cara ❤