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Lines from the Art Room: Falling for Foreshortening

This week students will begin new projects to learn about the art element LINE. Here is a glimpse of each grade level& assignment: KINDER.

pick a portrait from a magazine or famous painting and then create background and clothing with zentangle.

Take a magazine picture and zentangle around it. Or kids' photograph. grade worked with full pose models from magazines; adding zendoodle and gold wrapping paper pieces for study of Gustav Klimt

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Starfall Farm by Invisible Studio  (5)

Plywood and concrete kitchen.Starfall Farm in Wiltshire, UK by Mitchell Taylor Workshop. Refurbishment and additions to a Victorian farmhouse. Bespoke plywood kitchen joinery with a hand polished concrete kitchen bench.

How To Involve Teenagers In Art Projects? - Bored Art

A literary thumbprint: the books that have defined your life fill out your thumbprint. This artist, Cheryl Sorg, will take your thumbprint and 50 books that have influenced your life and create a "literary thumbprint" art piece.