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a person hanging from the ceiling over a bed covered in white sheets and fringes
Michael Gabrielle on Instagram: “I’ve been feeling overwhelmed about 100% of the time lately, but I was talking to a friend yesterday and I heard myself say that I am…”
two wall hangings made with macrame yarn and wood sticks, one has a crochet pattern on it
a hanging planter with plants in it and a triangle shaped potted plant holder
GREEN Macrame, Macrame Plant Hanger, Green Macrame Wall Hanging, Plant Hanger, Macrame Plant Holder, Plant Holder, Dip Dyed Macrame - Etsy
GREEN Macrame Macrame Plant Hanger Green Macrame Wall | Etsy
two white macrame hangings with stones in them
a wall hanging made with macrame and tassels
244 отметок «Нравится», 28 комментариев — @theknottingcorner в Instagram: «Busy weekend getting this beauty all ready for her new Home... Lots of exciting new pieces to…»
there is a white macrame hanging on the wall next to a vase with flowers
Large Macrame Wall Hanging Extra Large Macrame Tapestry for Boho Home Decor, Macrame Headboard or Wedding Decor - Etsy
a white piece of art hanging on a wall next to a tree branch and some beads
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a wall hanging with fringes next to a potted plant
This item is unavailable - Etsy
a man is working on a macrame wall hanging in front of a gray wall
the wall hanging is made with macrame yarn
Dit item is niet beschikbaar - Etsy