Lmao that always meant nap time for me. who am I kidding walking into a classroom in general was nap time for me

Remember these?

Multi-color pens - I loved these as a kid and now own an adult multi-colored pen!

Guess who?

5 Depressing Facts About Your Favorite Childhood Games

Guess who? I love this game. I'm so glad my mom let us keep a lot of our childhood toys. This has got to be my favorite game next to Hungry Hungry Hippos. As an adult I must admit I have played this at Jury Duty.

Tupperware stencil set.... still have them!

Tupperware stencil set memories-from-childhood-and-tween-years

Things of the past (70's,80's,90's) - Dingen van vroeger (70's,80's,90's) ( Strippenkaart )

Things of the past - Dingen van vroeger ( Strippenkaart ). How we traveled by bus, every time they stamped some stripes for the trip.


Perler Bead Crafts that you put on pegged designs and use an iron to melt them together and stay


Nodig: 2 boterhamzakjes, shampoo of sop met tandpasta


The view-master! my favorite reels were the barbie ones we had! I would sit for hours on end with my face up to a lamp!