Tulip Fields (The Netherlands, between Sassenheim and Lisse)

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winter, skaters in Holland

ice skating:netherlands - The Dutch ice skaters rocked the olympics in Sotchi. also well known because of the "Elfstedentocht".


Dutch cake with pastry pie, cream pudding with pastry pie covered with a pink glace over it.

Lekker warme chocomelk met Droste

"Droste effect" - The Dutch chocolate maker Droste, famous for the visual effect on its boxes of cocoa. The image contains itself on a smaller scale. This is called the "Droste effect"

Jip en Janneke #memories #dutch

jip en janneke main characters in the books of Annie M. Schmidt, a famous dutch writer

houseofromanov: Elfstedentocht, 1963.

Elfstedentocht, 200 kilometers long tour over nature ice. Always takes place in the North of the Netherlands, Leeuwarden, the capital of the province. The tour is only when there is enough ice on the water, the last tour that took place was in

nieuwe haring, my mouth is watering:)

Hollandse Nieuwe minder vet door strenge winter/ Raw herring with onion, Mom and Dad used to love this stuff, I thought it was gross! This year they seem to be extra good, due to the very harsh winter of I'll take their word for it!


Street organ - you may still see these mobile organs in a shopping street on a busy saturday, providing shoppers with music ~ Draaiorgel