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a bulletin board with leaves on it and a fox head hanging from the back wall
Vosje voor de sprekende muur
an advertisement for a children's book about the project de tren, which is being
Thema verkeer & vervoer | Lesidee kleuters
a drawing of three children in a bus with their faces drawn on the front and side
a train station with people waiting for the train to arrive and another boy is running towards him
Interactieve praatplaat thema 'de trein',
the book cover shows an image of children's vehicles in different colors and sizes
Thema verkeer voor kleuters -
the words in french are used to describe different vehicles and things that can be seen on this
Juf Myrthe Thema Vervoer
a diagram with words and pictures on it, including an image of cars in the background
an activity sheet for children to learn how to write the word's name in english
Kinderboekenweek 2024 | Lesidee kleuters | Lekker eigenwijs!
an orange bulletin board with paper cut out of it's sides and cars on the road
10 Ideeën Over Verkeer | Knutselen Thema Verkeer, Vervoer 544
10 Ideeën Over Verkeer | Knutselen Thema Verkeer, Vervoer