eloise sleurink

eloise sleurink

eloise sleurink
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Catissa Geobed – Wooden Geometric Cat House by Ilshat Garipov

If an alien were to observe our planet, they& see us humans treating cats like royalty. Feeding them, pampering them, cleaning their

Krabmeubel Phredia Eckhaus

Who would have connected cat furniture or a cat tree with a classic, timeless design and elegant lines some years ago? Discover the elegant cat hou.

As much in the United States as in Europe, drawn images were animated by hand as a way of fun, using devices that became very popular in the middle-class salons. It was discovered that if 16 images of

During the Victorian Era of the there were many new advances in the understanding of animation and vision. Browse our selection of Optical Toys, includin

The Giphoscope Creators

The brand new Giphoscope XL.The first official images of our Giphoscope XL: a brand new version where frame size is twice than the standard one. The Giphoscope XL in the image has been created for.

Animated Gif Player by Pieterjan Grandry

The Gif Player by Belgian designer Pieterjan Grandry is a device that plays animated gifs that are printed on special rotary discs.