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Sentry Encampment by ~torstan on deviantART

The Sentry Encampment This is a simple map - 4 buildings and a lean-to with a sentry fire, poised on the edge of a wintry sea. Is this a sentry post keeping watch over the strait?

The Stockade by torstan on DeviantArt

New Map Pack - the Stockade This week sees the release of a new set of map packs with Illusionary Press. Today - the Stockade. The wooden palisades coul. The Stockade

Swamp village

Aldamaer Marsh © Christina Roberts (Neyjour) 2011 My very first map! I had a ton of fun making it. If you'd like to play on this, the zip d.

Marsh Battle Map 2 by hero339 on DeviantArt

This battle map was created using items from the Dundjinni forums and my own techniques in Photoshop. It is perfect for a surprise encounter in a marshy.