winter, skaters in Holland

ice skating:netherlands - The Dutch ice skaters rocked the olympics in Sotchi. also well known because of the "Elfstedentocht".

Dutch Wood Clogs from Holland.

My Pop-pop had wood clogs from when he lived in Holland. Contiki Travelers Wearing Dutch Wood Clogs from Holland.

De verschrikkelijke houtjes, altijd zaten ze scheef en kreeg je van de kou de ijsknopen niet los.

antique Dutch ice skates // wood leather and steel blades


In my house, on the carpet, so I don't scuff them after spending hours painting them. And at Tulip Time!

dutch flag

Dutch Flag - Royal standard of the Oranjes is only flown over the Dutch flag on designated days including specific royal birthdays

Dutch saying

Dutch saying: The way clock ticks at home, it ticks no where else. Or more loosely translated: There's no place like home

Typical Dutch: Snert!

- Erwtensoep [peasoup] A thick soup (notice how the stays up on its own) made from dried green peas and rookworst (smoked sausage)