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The Scottish Fold is a medium-size cat with a rounded head and big round eyes, although he is known for his standout feature: ears that fold forward, giving him .

Tea Dragon by Stanley Morrison

Stanley Morrison is a self-taught fantasy artist who has been drawing anything he could imagine since childhood. Besides being a fantasy artist Stanley works fulltime at an art manufacturer, which wholesales to the furniture industry, as their a.

Stack Pavers to make a Firepit...these are awesome DIY Garden & Yard Ideas!

Stack Pavers to make a Firepit.these are awesome DIY Garden & Yard Ideas! I would line with oven bricks so the heat doesn't break down the pavers over time.

M y t h i c a l : A love of dragons  Harmonie - Walddrachen by ArkaEdri.deviantart.com

Harmony - Forest Dragon This picture is very large and very detailed. It is reduced to It shows the Forest Dragon with its offspring at the first e.