8 Free Fonts inspired by Space + Astrology  Celestial / Virgo / Constellations / Zodiac / Taurus / Milky Way / Eclipse / Galactic

Freebie Friday: 8 Free Fonts Inspired by Space + Astrology

Typography & Fonts // Did you know that you can now upload your own fonts onto Canva for Work? MEANING you can enjoy all of these goodies and Canva's easy design templates all in one place! 8 free fonts inspired by astrology

Glass Multi-Touch Keyboard and Mouse (001) - Jason Giddings

Jason Giddings (deleted) is raising funds for Multi-Touch Keyboard and Mouse on Kickstarter! Multi-touch keyboards and mice are the next generation in quality computer peripherals.

steampunktendencies: Minion Fire pit

This metal is informal. It is an outdoor oven in the shape of a minion, the shape is making it informal, but fun.

Virtual Laser Keyboard for iPad & iPhone

Celluon Magic Cube Laser Projection Keyboard and Touch Pad Bluetooth. This is awesome!