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someone is holding up an altered book that has been decorated with different colors and shapes
Rebecca Chapman Art
a collage of the big ben clock tower and telephone booth in london, england
Check out glenchert's Shuffles #vintage #europe #abstract #christmas #travel
an open notebook with lots of different colored papers on top of it, and some pens in the bottom right corner
E v a K a l i e n on Instagram: "•sketchbook• Heute habe ich beiläufig in diesem Skizzenbuch geblättert und sofort Lust bekommen eine Seite zu füllen, mit ein paar spielerischen Tuschelinien, einigen Papierresten, Türkis, Puder Rosa und Kaffee. Das passt zu diesem sonnig weichen Tag.. . Today I casually leafed through this sketchbook and immediately felt like filling a page with a few playful ink lines, some scraps of paper, turquoise, powder pink and coffee. That suits this sunny soft day.. .
an abstract painting with lots of writing on it
several pieces of art are arranged on a table with papers and scissors next to them
many different vases are shown in black and white on a beige background, each with an abstract pattern
Le Procrastinateur
four notebooks with different designs on them, one is open and the other has an abstract
scrap paper collage
a collage of cars driving down a street next to tall buildings with torn paper on them
ANDY BURGESS ART - Cityscape Collage
an old book with black and white designs on it's pages, all lined up in different directions
three pots with plants in them on a white surface, one is pink and the other is purple is For Sale | BrandBucket
an image of various shapes and sizes of vases on a white background with black dots
Si necesitas un poco de alegría, tienes que ver esto
a drawing of a cactus in a flower pot
Ed J Brown: Photo
paper cut flowers and leaves on a white background
On My Desk
an image of birds in different colors
How to Make Mixed Media Art: A Guide and Tutorial | Skillshare Blog