BOTTLECAP STAMPS "I saw the bottle cap stamp idea on Pinterest and it was one of those moments like, "why didn't I think of this??"'s what you do to make one....are you's going to blow your mind... put.the.sticker.on.the.cap I told you it was going to blow your mind" What an awesome idea!

BOTTLECAP STAMPS "why didn't I think of this?" Put the sticker on the cap, stamp on an ink pad, and stamp away. Different stamps to stamp homework!


Dutch people value that you speak up for yourself. We are considered direct and rude because of this.

Zelfvertrouwen is geloven dat je een kracht bezit sterker dan je angst en twijfel.

self-confidence is to believe that you possess a force stronger than your fear and doubt:.hope the translation is right

Als iemand je met #woorden slaat, laat dan jouw #rust een spiegel en je #glimlach het antwoord zijn.

When someone hurts you with his words, let your inner peace be a mirror and your smile be the answer

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An opinion without arguments is a feeling - Loesje