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a colorful patchwork quilt is laying on the floor
Baby clothes quilt by Lux Keepsake Quilts -- I like how the simple 4-patches are... -
a quilted wall hanging on the side of a wooden table next to a chair
Diamond CLA1510104Q Quilt Blanket
a woman standing next to a quilt on top of a bed
Memory quilt by The Patchwork Bear
a large quilt is hanging on the wall
Mom’s dresses
a multicolored patchwork quilt on a wooden floor
a bed topped with lots of different types of quilts and pillows on top of it
Pillows and memory quilt made from a loved ones shirts
four different types of quilts are on display
25+ Creative Craft Ideas For Adults
#4. Make a quilt out of old shirts! -- 25 Genius Craft Ideas
a quilt on the ground with grass in the background
a blue and white checkered shirt sitting on top of a cutting board
How to Break Down a Shirt to Use in a Memory Quilt with Recycled Clothing...
using shirts for quilting - how to cut for the most fabric
many different plaid patterns are arranged in rows
Shirt Quilt - reminds me of my dad's shirts! Wish I had them so I could make one of these to wrap up in on cold days or days I am missing him. Love ya dad!
a multicolored patchwork quilt sitting on top of a wooden floor
Elijah's quilt - square in square
Love the simplicity and colors in these type of quilts Maybe use mens shirts... lots of stripes and chambray
a bunch of ties laid out in a circle on top of a bed with white sheets
Craftsy.com | Express Your Creativity!
necktie pattern for quilting | Quilting Ideas | Project on Craftsy: Necktie Quilt
a quilted wall hanging with many different ties on it's center piece, in the shape of a sunburst
Craftaholics Anonymous® | Necktie Crafts for Father's Day