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an image of a cartoon character in armor
Robin Hood, "biboun" Christophe Fossard
Character Design 😄
an old man with glasses and a handbag is standing in front of a white background
A nice guy, Borislav Kechashki
Character Design 😉
a man with green hair and piercings on his head is staring at the camera
3dtotal is undergoing a refresh
an animal that is standing up in the air
MY ZOO, Eran Alboher
Character Design 😉
a pencil drawing of a cartoon character holding a pillow with its mouth open and eyes closed
Revista de arte e criatividade Zupi | Revista Zupi
a pink flamingo standing on top of a green floor next to a white wall
a drawing of a man with black hair and blue eyes, wearing a black turtle neck sweater
chloe veillard
★ || CHARACTER DESIGN ( & ) || ★
a drawing of a woman with glasses on her face and hair in the background is an orange hue
Character Design References
★ || CHARACTER DESIGN ( & ) || ★
an older woman with white hair and green earrings
NameBright - Coming Soon
★ || CHARACTER DESIGN ( & ) || ★
the lion is sitting down with his head turned to look like he's looking at something
★ || CHARACTER DESIGN ( & ) || ★
an animated character with two swords in one hand and the other arm extended out,
★ || CHARACTER DESIGN ( & ) || ★