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Different doors are one of my favorite things.  What a way to create an entrance.

Door in Bled, Slovenia- One thing I'm always interested in my travels are the different doors. I think doors serve as the face and first impression before you enter a new building, especially a historic one. Doors are just a part of the design process.

Stop homophobia. You're not scared, you're and asshole.

Stop homophobia, I don't wanna hear your lame excuses that it's not right and god doesn't believe in it and blah blah blah

I personally am boycotting Sochi.  I understand the LGBT community in Russia needs my support, but I am not willing to give Putin’s homophobic economy my cash.  I support them by standing for justice.

Russian LGBT hate is condemning the Sochi 2014 - Olympics. Not so much a matter of liberation and equality for LGBT communities so much as evolution and freedom for all society worldwide

Since 1979, Iran has executed more than 4,000 people charged with homosexuality.

Since Iran has executed more than people charged with homosexuality. for the love of their own warped minds.

Sorry if my views on the "situation" offend you. I <3 all people equally and some of my closest friends are gay. It doesn't make them any different in my eyes.

I think it Gay Quote time Gay Pride - Gay Love - Gay Boys - Gay Girls - LGBTQI - Lesbian - Bisexual - Transgender - Trans - Questioning - Queer - intersex - gender - androgyny - genderqueer - genderfucked - mardigras - equality