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Let your walls bloom with beautiful homemade artwork. Find free botanical images online and print them on old book pages. To create a textural mat, cut linen a little larger than the page and machine stitch inch from all edges. Fray the edges by pulli

houten muur mount klappen converteerbare bureau met het schrijven van boord

This Wooden wall mounted drop-leaf table is for house to saving space, the wall cabinet is for organizing, the folding table is for study and dinning etc, the blackboard is for children playing, the blackboard can be changed to white marker board.

Uitklapbaar werkblad/tafel

This fold down desk is such a great solution for those of us with small spaces or rooms in need of multi-purpose designs. It would be the perfect addition to a guest bedroom to make it double as a home office space too! This desk reminds me of the wall …

Werkplek of studiehoekje voor in de kinderkamer.

Future design idea for a desk (or in the childrens bedroom. Image this desk on a hinge as part of your command centre or in Ivies room as a drawing table (on an angle). Saves space and keeps things clutter free.