Utrecht, The Netherlands

**Utrecht, The Netherlands Love to shop here! Fifty tulips for hyacinths or roses. Depending on the season! Utrecht has 2 other markets along with this flower market.

Giethoorn, The Netherlands

on a canal (with a little boat) Lovely house in Giethoorn, called “Venice of the Netherlands”

The Netherlands

Typically old Dutch houses from the Zaanse Schans, Noord Holland, Nederland (Netherlands). Zaanse Schans is a favourite tourist destination in the Netherlands.

Volendam, The Netherlands

Volendam, the Netherlands-The old Zuider Zee People dress in wooden shoes and have lace curtains at the windows-Quaint and beautiful

The Netherlands

Dutch Cliche - Windmills and Tulips - Netherlands. This photo was taken on April 2010 in Obdam, North Holland, NL.

Café restaurant Goudkantoor - Groningen, The Netherlands

Groningen - Goudkantoor (Gold Office), The Netherlands - Built in 1635 as an office building - 1814 - 1887 it served to certify the value of gold and silver. It houses a restaurant today.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Classic canal view in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Somehow, in all my travels around Europe, how is it that I only visited here once?

Vintage Dutch ice skates

Decorative Wooden Skates with Hand Forged Blades