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three vases and two cups are shown in this image, one is made out of concrete
A Small Wood and Concrete Pot Called La Morena
a small glass bowl with some liquid in it
Upcylce broken wine glass. – LOOK WHAT I MADE ...
broken_glass_foot_stand_cheese_box Icecream lid for concrete / voet van een glas gebruiken met beton om een bonbon schaal of etagere te maken
two vases with plants in them sitting next to each other on a white background
This product is no longer available.
a glass vase sitting on top of a block of concrete next to a cement block
The Invariants by Sergey Makhno
two vases with yellow flowers in them on a table next to a glass container
10 idées de vases DIY pour vos fleurs | Shake My Blog
vase diy bouteille
two plants in glass vases sitting on a table
Casa e Jardim | Sua casa linda do seu jeito
three white concrete planters sitting on top of each other
Fotohalter aus Beton • Kreativ Blog - DIY & Gadgets
DIY cement vase
an oval shaped mirror sits on top of a concrete stand with holes in it and two compartments for makeup
MY MIRROR - Korridor Design I Nordic Home Decor