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an advertisement for baguette is shown in black and white
Bread Poster
Editor'sNoteThe Baguette Poster is a realistic poster for Korean brand BeurreBleu. Designed to look like an ad for a bakery service with an image of a baguette. - Photorealisticposter - Twosizes of A3/A4 - Baguette Poster Measurements(in.)- A3:11.7 in. x 16.5 in. - A4:8.2 in. x 11.7 in. *Detailsizes may be off by up to 2 inches. *Additionalcharge for size A3. Composition&amp
there are two magazines one is black and the other is white
Design by the Decades: Get inspired by 90s graphic design trends
Adobe Illustrator Tutorial | Curl Effect in Illustrator
Quick Illustrator Text Tutorial. How to make your text look cool @Messisstudio #illustrator #tutorial #tutorialsvideos #learnillustrator #adobeillustrator #poster #graphicdesign For more tutorials check out our site
an advertisement for the official footwear brand, offcourt is shown in green and white
OffCourt | is a platform for connecting ideas and building knowledge.
three boxes stacked on top of each other with the words re seasona printed on them
패키지 Projects :: Photos, videos, logos, illustrations and branding
a book cover with black and white lines on it, the title reads'rise creative as
Are you a brand designer, web curator, or graphic design specialist looking to revamp your blog posts or Instagram feed? Here at RISE we create strategy-driven BRANDING for Entrepreneurs who embody their purpose in their LIFE and BRAND. These ideas are geared to intentionally serve + connect you with potential clients. #blogpost #brandingideas #graphicdesign #entrepreneur #contentcreation #instagrammarketing #instagramtips #bloggingideas
a close up of a wine bottle with the letter d on it's side
LD monogram logo design
LD monogram logo. I can create monogram logo only $15. If you want to buy this logo you can message me on fiverr. More details open this link.