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two pictures of ducks with one duckling in the middle
Wholesome Memes to Give You a Dose of Serotonin (27 Memes)
an image of a bird with caption that reads, what's my life without you
the man is making funny faces while wearing a white shirt and tie with words on it
50 Hilarious Memes Most People Will Relate To
the same person in harry potter's movie is shown with two different expressions, one saying
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three people sitting in chairs with the caption when your crush walks past me friends
11 Memes That NAIL What It Feels Like To Totally Obsess Over A Guy
two pictures of shakespeare and pears with the words william shakespeare
a man is jumping in the air with his hands out to grab something from a store shelf
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a man with a green arrow pointing to the left and an image of a fire in the background that says free wi - fi
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a dog sitting in a chair with the caption, i've eaten your homework and no one will believe you no one