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First and last Avatar: the Last Airbender

First and last lines. It's funny that all of their last lines are about Sokka's drawing, not some profound phrase about how their lives are changed. <---- well, not Aang's

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Bryan Konietzko: “Ming-Hua was born without arms, due to a congenital disorder. This is a cool alternate interpretation by Eugene, though!” Young Red Lotus members by Eugene Lee (The Legend of Korra: The Art of the Animated Series, Book Change, p.

NOOOOOO!!!!! There WILL be another avatar!! --- just like there are more airbenders

Actually this makes me really sad I love avatar the last airbender and the main reason I watched Korra was to see Aang. I am disappointed that there will be no more avatars.

amon asami asami sato avatar: the last airbender black hair blue eyes bolin brother brothers brown hair frown glaring green eyes hair wrap highres hood korra legend of korra mako mask multiple boys multiple girls mygrapefruit pabu parody persona pers

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Victim of Zukophilia. Avatar: The Last Airbender addict.