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What To Do With a Big Box? - Make a Town

Another pinner: Big box town! I remember doing this as a kid. Except, I used to draw ovens, ironing boards and tv sets. I Used to sit in them, out in the yard for hours.

laad de truck vol met het aangegeven aantal dozen

In the Air and on the Road bulletin board Creative Art Cars Truck Load Math Mats Children identify the number o.

zig zag houses 3-d paper

Zig Zag Paper Houses - Kids can make a whole paper village, then uses toy cars to drive through it! These look like they would also make great Father's Day cards too! / lilla a:design

truck patterns worksheet

truck patterns

Transportation: truck patterns worksheet 1 snip Printable pattern cards for preschool and kindergarten: Trucks!

Transportation Week in Preschool saved on Delicious by Teach Preschool...

Transport Theme: Cards with simple pictures on them and a box with different size/colored straws. Let kids decide how to play. They can outline the shape or fill it in or whatever they choose! Clever and easy.