Erica Steenvoorden

Erica Steenvoorden

Meer ideeën van Erica

Masoor dal with flatbreads.

Behold the ingredients for kale, walnut and cheddar rosti pie

A tasty cumin and mustard seed puy lentil pie.

Black pudding, red baked apples and celeriac mustard mash.

Diamond slice: banana cardamom cake.

Pot luck: sautéed potatoes, cheese, olives and chard.

Havermoutkoekjes met dadels en abrikozen

Dadel-walnotencake @

Try one element from each column in this easy-to-use flavour map.

A picture of spices and stuff: Each curry has five elements: aromatics, oil, spices, liquid, chilli and a top note added later.