DIY:: Perfect for the Winter Months ! Small Greenhouse Made From Old Windows !

Small Greenhouse Made From Old Antique Windows

Als je een kleine tuin of alleen een balkon hebt, kan je er voor kiezen om een moestuin in houten wijnkistjes te maken.

wine boxes - free at any local liquor store.such a great idea for a raised garden!SO many other great ideas for the home with wine boxes!

A dome support is so easy to make. Just bend a 10-foot length of 72-inch PVC pipe from corner to corner of your box, and then another from the opposite corners; then tie or bolt it at the intersection at the top to make a dome that can support any type of cover.

A "How-To" on using pvc supports over your raised beds, cover them with plastic, cheesecloth, or wire to make a green house or keep out critters. Idea: Drill holes in them and have it hook to your hose?