Rainbow Binoculars made out of toilet paper rolls!

Rainbow Toilet Paper Roll Binoculars Craft for Kids

Easy craft: Ice-Cream Cone Balloons - Blog - Home entertaining and party planning ideas from a Chicago hostess

Easy craft: Ice-Cream Cone Balloons - Second City Soiree - Culture - Food - Style. Plus home entertaining and party planning

Maak de ijshoorntjes van een wc-rol, goeie tip!

In the summer, we try to balance our actual ice cream eating with some pretend ice cream eating. It keeps us slim (sort of)! My seven-year-old and I made these nifty ice cream cone replicas out of .

Mondmotoroek: blazen met rietje en eendjes @obs_koppel @mijnhartje

Mondmotoroek: blazen met rietje en eendjes @obs_koppel @mijnhartje