This would be cool.  Not the seahorse, haha, but putting sticks together to make a mural.

In today’s post I thought we could go ahead and highlight some of the more creative wall decorations found in beach houses around the world. Wall decorations are something that . Read Unique Wall Decorations for your beach houses

Happiness is a day at the beach!

Beaches are Better in The Bahamas

Words of wisdom from the one and only Jim Morrison #quotes #TOMS

One of my favorite songs! ~Beach Quotes - Smell the sea and feel the sky. let your soul and spirit fly - travel quotes - vacation inspiration - beach love - van morrison- into the mystic.

Pretty shells

Beauty and Color is found in Nature. We too can choose beautiful colors to cloth our vibrant beautiful bodies in, finding inspiration from Nature! With Love, Jessica

Happiness is... blue Sea and white Sand. Beach Bliss Living:

Simple Mediterranean Style Island Living on Tranquil Formentera

Simple Mediterranean Style Island Living on Tranquil Formentera - Beach Bliss Living

SaLt LiFe. love cloudy stormy days as well. …

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I don't live near the ocean, but every so often the beach calls and I answer with a visit.

Capture the Experience of Waves Rolling onto the Beach with Wave Rugs:

Soothing Wave Rugs

Sitting on the beach, or staying at a beachfront house or condo. Listening to the waves brushing the shore.

Litchfield Beach.

Always keep a little Beach Day in your heart! I have so many wonderful beach memories on PCB.

Walking on the beach

My Delray Beach Florida Vacation