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Grand staircase, Bristol Palace Hotel.

tnbiskitt on Instagram: “The Grand Staircase, St Pancras Renaissance Hotel…

A dismounted unteroffizier from 3. Badisches Dragoner-Regiment Prinz Karl Nr.22 reconnoiters the terrain ahead of the advancing infantry.

Imperial German Army - Symmetric 8 button tunic with no breast pockets. Classic Dunkelblau helmet. WWI.

3 "Poilus" du 5e Régiment d'Infanterie - 1ère Guerre Mondiale. c. 1917

Paul von Hindenburg e Erich Ludendorff, a dupla de generais alemães que conduziria os quatro anos de guerra. Décadas depois, o monarquista Von Hindenburg, chanceler de idade avançada, relutantemente passaria o bastão para o Adolf Hitler, com a forte impressão de que aquilo não iria prestar.

Königlich Sächsische 16. Infanterie-Regiment Nr.182 Letter on reverse: addressed to a Joh[hanna] Marschner in Chemnitz, the author excitedly announces he is leaving for the front on Saturday. Postage cancelled at Freiberg on 1.10.1914. Freiberg was the hometown of Kgl. Sächs. 16. Infanterie-Regiment Nr.182. Coloured by.

General Erich Friedrich Wilhelm Ludendorff , WWI

German; 65th (4th Wurttemberg) Field Artillery Regiment. Gunner. He holds a C96 Mauser and wears brown corduroy trousers. These trousers were only semi-official and came in various shades of grey, black & brown. This is a modern colourisation of an original photograph.