A week with the iPhone 6 Plus

A week with the iPhone 6 Plus, in photos

Apple makes a big phone now. A really big phone. The iPhone 6 Plus has a screen that feels positively gigantic next to any smartphone ever to come out of Cupertino.

Interruptor Hue tap de Philips - Apple Store (España)

Mounted on a wall or resting on a table, Philips Hue tap Switch puts control of your Hue bulbs at your fingertips.

Fujifilm's X100T

Fujifilm's X100T proves that two viewfinders are better than one

The carries on a happy recent legacy for Fujifilm. Its predecessors have been some of the best performing and most attractive cameras in the retro compact range, so its public debut here at P.

Scenes from our time with iPhone 6

Scenes from our time with the iPhone 6

There is explosive demand for bigger smartphones. A smartphone feels small now; somewhere around 5 inches is the new normal. Yet too many large-screen phones.