Delftsblauwe klompjes

Delft Shoes, In the past the Dutch farmers walked on wooden shoes. Some of them still do that, but nowadays most of the people are wearing normal shoes. Nevertheless, a lot of people still think they are wearing wooden shoes every day.

Boterham met hagelslag

Typical Dutch hagelslag (chocolate sprinkles) Remember these from when I was little, I really need to get ahold of some of these!

Goudse kaas

The Dutch, famous for their Gouda. The dutch cheeses are exported worldwide, which served the Dutch people the nickname, cheesehead. Not unfair, since almost every dutch person grew up with a slice of cheese on a slice of bread.

Was drogen aan een waslijn

Typically Dutch: hanging your freshly washed clothes to dry outside. Gotta have my clothesline.

Iedereen op de fiets en dus volle fietsenstallingen

A typical Dutch picture. It is said that every Dutch-born citizen has atleast two bicycles.